Songs from the Bottom Shelf

by Cap'n Steve

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Recorded by Fred Engler at BESSIE in Due West, SC


released January 10, 2013

Stephen Bellamy (music/lyrics)



all rights reserved


Cap'n Steve Greenwood, South Carolina

Wine, women, and song. If it sounds like a recipe for disaster, it's probably because it is.

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Track Name: Abbeville Girl
I don't care that you don't care
I could smell the magic in the air
I could see them standin' in the square
Her friend was blonde, and she had brown hair
I was always one to take a chance, but this girl
wouldn't even shake my hand
I met this girl in Abbeville who said she doesn't shake hands and she never will
make new friends, she's just some chick that follows trends
I can't even remember her name
Ah hell I can't even remember her face
Oh well you can't win 'em all
You can't get high if you're too scared to fall
But I don't know what I did wrong
Now she's just some lines in a song
I don't know, it's not fair
She squealed tires gettin' out of there...
Track Name: Fate, My Friend...
I always find my way back here
Singing some other sweet nothing in your ear
I always find some empty word to say
some other empty chord to play
I always find a way back into your hearts
I kept my key
I hope you're never a stranger to me

There's nothing quite like this place
I'll always make it even if I'm late
There's blood all over my guitar
It won't get me there...but hey!
It's a start
Put my stamp on time itself,
tainted words for tainted hearts
I get my ideas from the bottom shelf

sincerity is a lost art,
put fire to your soul and watch it melt
Fate, my say the strangest things
It's always a broken heart or a broken string
Track Name: Gas on a Fire
Lately, I've been feeling kind of down
I think it's cause I'm in this town
20 years and nothing to show
The whole world in my hands and nowhere to go

Lately, I been thinkin I just need a fix
I need to get the hell out of Ninety Six

Cause it's not like you forgot
I can't act like what I'm not
I'm a thief and I'm a liar
and this place is just gas on the fire

I was half lit on bad decisions alone
I called you, but you didn't pick up the phone
All this misery can't just be in my head
Get busy livn' or get busy gettin' dead

Cause it's not like you forgot
I can't act like what I'm not
And lately I've been thinking how I should
Get the hell out of Greenwood
Cause I'm a thief and a liar
and you people are just gas on the fire
Track Name: Half There
Your faith was gone and you wanted proof
Your eyes were cold and you wanted the truth
But I just couldn't let it pass my lips
You could smell the mistakes on my breath
and I could feel the weight on my chest
I'm at the edge and looking down

but from up here things don't look that bad
but if you look long enough thngs start to look back
I'm half alive or half dead
but either way I'm only half there

cross the peach fields of Johnston is where my heart lies
somewhere beneath those big green eyes
but what do you do when words fail?
My wings just can't seem to catch the wind
too heavy from the weight of what's gone and been

I just can't seem to fly
too caught up thinking about what used to be mine
I'm half alive or half dead
either way I'm only half there
Track Name: I'm a Liar
What if I told you
that you meant everything to me
and everywhere you walk the grass turns green
what if i told you
that fate was blowing like the wind through your hair
and I apologize if i stare
what if i told you
that you're a lot like the breeze
and I'm a lot like the sea
and we can make waves
what if I told you...
what if I told you...
I'd bet you call me a liar
and you'd be right cause...

I'm a liar
I'm a liar
and I'll never learn
I'm a liar
I'm a liar
and I'm gonna burn

I remember, I remember that night
I remember the moon hanging just right
I remember exactly what you wore
I remember saying I loved you til my throught was sore
I remember
I remember
I remember
but you forgot!

you put me out like a cigarette
and now I'm just like ash in the wind
I'd bet anything even my soul
that all you could was shake your head no
I'd bet anything even my heart
that you were gambler from the start
but you woulda lost that bet bitch

cause I'm a liar
a god damn liar
and I'll never learn
I'm a liar
I'm a god damn liar
and i'll never learn